iOS 7 Changed iOS, But iOS 8 Changes Computing


Apple showed off a lot of new stuff today, so much so that it’s actually hard to process. But from a macro perspective, one thing is clear: iOS 8 actually represents much more of a shift than did iOS 7 last year, despite the fact that the visual changes in iOS 7 threw users and Apple-watchers for a loop.

As a result, iOS 8 faces fewer barriers in terms of broad acceptance and usage – the UI is by now familiar, and the massively changed new features and developer access permissions will be much easier to adapt to since they weren’t delivered alongside a startling new look and feel. But where the metaphorical plates of iOS’s programming pillars meet, there’s a tectonic shift that could change entirely the way people think about their mobile devices – and computers in general, for that matter.

The mobile shift is going to be…

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