Zynga hires away EA’s top mobile and social executive Barry Cottle

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

Social gaming giant Zynga has hired Electronic Arts’ top mobile and social executive Barry Cottle as Zynga’s new executive vice president of corporate and business development.

The hire is a big development in the war for talent between the two companies, which are in the midst of a major battle for control of the fastest-growing parts of the game business. Cottle will report to John Schappert, chief operating officer at San Francisco-based Zynga and the former No. 2 executive at EA.

Overall, gaming is undergoing a big transformation from games sold at physical stores to games that are purchased through online and digital means, from games played on Facebook to iPhone games. Cottle helped EA lead that transition at EA.

Cottle will be in charge of developing new businesses for Zynga. At EA, he was the head of EA Interactive, the division that makes mobile and social games and the…

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